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Collection: Hemp Clothing

The Hemp fabrics and hemp raw materials are most sustainable textiles in all over the world. we manufacture and export several types of hemp fabrics worldwide and also leading online company for the Nepali hemp industry. We stock the finest collection of natural fiber fabrics from highest range of The Nepalese Himalayas .
Many of these fabrics are used by designers such.  As the manufacturer and importer, we can provide the best possible pricing on our wholesale and retail hemp fabric collections.

Is hemp good for clothing?
Hemp protects your skin by naturally filtering UV light. Hemp resists bacterial growth and breathes excellently, preventing odors. Hemp has four times the strength of cotton; It won't weaken when washed. Hemp retains color better than any other fabric.


Types of Hemp Raw Materials and Hemp Fabrics

  • 100 % Hemp Raw Material and Hemp Fabrics from Village
  • 100 % Hemp Raw Material and Hemp Fabrics from Katmandu (Weaves in Kathmandu in Factory
  • Color Available : Natural Color : Red - Marron - Red - Yellow - Black - Can be dye any color according to your requirement
  • Hemp and Cotton Mix Raw Materials in Different Tone : Natural Tone : Orange Tone: Green Tone : Red Tone. 

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